Legendary New Mexico

Legendary New Mexico: Hispanic Culture

EPISODE 6 – New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanic ancestry that any other state at forty-eight percent. The cultural, culinary and creative influence of the old world and Latin America are an indelible part of our state. On this episode of Legendary new Mexico, we explore our Hispanic heritage and its impact on New Mexico’s past, present and future.

We look at and understand the contributions of Hispanics to the development of New Mexico and the nation as well as what people are doing to preserve the New Mexican Hispanic heritage and culture.

Birth of New Mexico’s Hispanic Heritage
Long before the 1540 arrival of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, the very first conquistador to venture into what is now New Mexico, the towering Zuni Pueblo village of Hawikku was the center of Zuni Pueblo society.

New Mexicans take prominent roles in politics
New Mexico has earned the reputation as the Land of Enchantment and that not only applies to the landscape, but the people as well, helping the citizens of New Mexico and the United States in establishing our rich political arena. 

New Mexico Music carries on traditions of Latin roots
The culture of New Mexico can not only be seen in the land around us, but heard in the sounds on radio. New Mexico music has slowly become a genre of its own and stays true to the roots of where it came from. 

A Land of faith
New Mexico is not only a Land of Enchantment… it’s a land of faith. The Spanish brought Catholicism to the New Mexico territory in the 16th century.  As pilgrims in a new environment, many of them turned to retablos –or painted images of saints on wood- for comfort. 

The Great New Mexican Food Debate
If you ask a local, “who makes the best New Mexican cuisine”, you better have some time to kill. Throughout the state, it’s not a question taken lightly.  New Mexican cuisine is serious business for foodies, from Las Cruces to Raton.

NHCC: A Mecca for Hispanic Heritage
Seated on 20 acres in Albuquerque’s Barelas neighborhood, the National Hispanic Cultural Center –also known as “NHCC”- is the nation’s most comprehensive institution for the study and preservation of Hispanic heritage.

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