Two Powerhouse Arts Organizations Create ‘Revamp’ to Educate and Entertain

Two powerhouse arts organizations fostering international exchange have combined to create “Revamp” -a year-round endeavor looking to educate and entertain with the best in world culture.

Sur Oeste is a performance collective from Mexico City who are performing as part of REVAMP, a partnership with Revolutions and AMP Concerts and also the National Hispanic Cultural Center. Sur Oeste is performing their show “11:11” for adults and Vuelo Transoceánico.

“11:11” explores the cycle of life and death and the search for meaning in both. Inspired by Jane Alexander’s “African Adventure”, an installation at the Tate Modern Art Museum in London.

“11:11” is a multidisciplinary dance performance that reflects the anguish and impotence of the Mexican social, political, and economic environment.

Event Details: October 26 and 27

For information, click here.

Categories: Community, Living Show