IPS Offers Private Security Service for Families and Businesses

International Protective Service, Inc. or IPS, is a locally owned and operated private security and investigations firm serving both residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Albuquerque communities.

Since 2006 IPS has provided full-service patrols for their client’s homes and businesses which include 24-hour Alarm Response, 24-hour Emergency Calls for Service, multiple checks of the property by a well trained, uninformed, and armed security professional in an easily identifiable marked vehicle.

Service includes vacation checks where IPS will pick up clients mail and packages and even take the trash bin to the curb while clients are away on vacation.

At times local law enforcement can not respond in a timely manner, that is when IPS steps in to fill a void with a quick response team, as they work together with local law enforcement to continue to keep communities and families safe.

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