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Papa Murphy’s Jack O’ Lantern Pizza for $9 Bucks

On New Mexico Living, our cast and crew devoured some Papa Murphy’s JACK O’ LANTERN PIZZA this morning at the end of the show.

Papa Murphy’s delivered the Pizza’s and we showcased them.

Papa Murphy’s is kicking off the Halloween season with the return of the popular Jack O’ Lantern Pizza, available at participating stores today for just $9 bucks.

• The one-of-a-kind Jack-O’ Lantern Pizza starts with Papa Murphy’s fresh, scratch-made, pumpkin-shaped dough and is topped with traditional red sauce, generous portions of 100 percent whole-milk Mozzarella cheese and as always, a smiling jack-o-lantern face made with premium pepperoni and olives. • Keep the Little Monsters happy this season and Never Trick-or-Treat on an empty stomach!

• Find a store location near you at

• Papa Murphy’s. Love at 425 Degrees.