The ABQ Collective is a New Venue on Eubank and Constitution

The ABQ Collective is a new venue on Eubank and Constitution that brings new life to an old building and rejuvenates its community.

It now incorporates small businesses like the ones which sell offbeat items you didn’t know existed but had to take home, that is after a cup of Nitro Coffee.

The studio spaces are filled with affordable New Mexican creations including leatherwork, jewelry, incredible sensuous bath and body products, custom screen printed t-shirts and hats, vinyl records and refurbished hi-fi systems, affordable artwork and vintage furniture.

While you’re strolling through this inviting eclectic space you’re probably going to try a nitro coffee that will be the best in town. You’re going to find treasures. Like offbeat items, you didn’t know existed but had to take home.

There is an intimacy in this venue like everybody knows your name. You might join in an impromptu salsa lesson, but you will end up loving this venue and coming back with a friend.


Categories: Community, Living Show