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Responsible Eating During the Holidays can Save Your Life

Many of us overindulge in sugary sweets during the holidays.

Wise and Wells Dr. Stevie Dejuan Springer and Assistant Carlos Smith came on the show and showed us some tips on eating healthy sweets.

Healthy Eating Tips

  • Limit the pig-outs
  • Be selective
  • Be smart when snacking
  • Watch your portion sizes.
  • Keep meals balanced with protein
  • Avoid too much alcohol
  • Keep moving
  • Don’t eat your way through two big meals a day

Health eating tips with health conditions

  • Make some healthy dishes
  • Eat close to usual times to keep blood sugar steady
  • Sweet treats, cut back on other carbs
  • Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast
  • If you slip up, get back to healthy eating with next meal
  • Drink more water
  • Control your stress levels