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How intuition can get you what you want in 2019

Many people use their intuition to guide them in the decisions they make. Intuitive advisor Candice Thomas says people can use it to get what we want.

Intuition is more than a gut feeling. By using our intuition we have the ability to get specific information about the best actions to take at the best times to get the results we desire the most in business, career, love, or just being happy in general. Intuitive Advisor Candice Thomas shows clients how to do just that and will share her top 3 tips for how we can use our own intuition to get what we want in 2019.

Tip #1: Be very clear about what you want.
Tip #2: Ask a specific, open, time-bound question.
Tip #3: Take action on the first impression you get.

The process of accessing your own intuition is the means by which you will make significant and permanent leaps emotionally, mentally, spiritually—which translates into experiencing tangible results in the world. No, not by thinking positive or doing affirmations/vision boards but by following simple clear steps to connect your human to the deeper loving force that has been guiding you all along.

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