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How pet resolutions can help in all sorts of ways

Your four-footed family member needs New Year’s resolutions too and they might help you out at the same time. The New Year is a time for reflection and renewal for people but why stop there? Perhaps you should add some resolutions for your four-footed family member as well. And those resolutions just might help you out at the same time.

Here are some pet resolutions by PetXpert, Travelin’ Jack, accompanied by his person, Jill Lane.

  1. Exercise for and with your pet
  2. Annual Check-Up
  3. Pet-friendly travel
  4. Teach your pet a new trick
  5. Help out another pet this year

Travelin’ Jack is New Mexico’s pre-eminent Pet Travel Expert and Roving Bulldog Reporter, Radio/TV Personality, Dog Model, and award winning dog-author & Travel Reporter. For information Travelin’ Jack website and Facebook Page.


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