Local filmmaker develops short film with survivors of domestic abuse in mind

An emerging Albuquerque filmmaker who says she is a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault has used the medium to represent her life, and show other victims that there is a better way to live.

‘BREATHE’ is a mixture of writer and director Cassandra Rochelle Fetters’ biggest passions coming together. She says she loves the medium of film. To her, there is no greater form of expression, because it can be all forms of expression combined in any way imaginable.

Fetters is an advocate for women affected by domestic violence and sexual assault and is vice president of a non-profit for survivors, ‘We Rise‘, in the Albuquerque area.

Fetters says that as a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault herself, she felt a need to see her life represented on screen, not in an unrealistic fashion, but for what it actually is. She also said she wanted to give others affected by domestic abuse hope that there is a better way to live.

That there is freedom after the fight and the ability to breathe on your own terms. ‘BREATHE’ is such an important film to Fetters, that she has spent the past two years fine-tuning this screenplay for filming. She submitted it to the Film Fund Grant Program through Screencraft, where it was selected from thousands of international screenplays of every genre, as a quarterfinalist.

It is currently being judged in other screenwriting competitions, in which she is hoping will also help fund the filming and post-production for this project. Through amazing visuals and a moving score, we follow WOMAN through the cycles of abuse in her marriage until it finally escalates to violence.

At that point she must make a choice, does she stay and let the cycle continue or does she leave and risk the unknown.

March 4 is the end of her Kickstarter campaign. They will be finalizing cast and crew in April with intent to shoot in May.

Visit the ‘Breathe’ Kickstarter campaign to donate to the project.



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