Sponsor the Penguin Chill exhibit at the NM Biopark Society

The NM Biopark Society needs help in putting the final touches on Penguin Chill before it opens. Several sponsorship options are available. Those sponsorships range from $100 “tags” on the Penguin Chill mural to naming rights to the outdoor event deck for $250,000.

Sponsorship proceeds fund high-tech STEM education stations and makes Penguin Chill the most immersive and interactive exhibit the BioPark has ever built.

The Penguin Chill exhibit will house King, Macaroni, and Gentoo Penguins to the ABQ BioPark Zoo and will include two floors so park visitors will be able to view the birds both above and below the water. There will also bee seven penguin viewing areas which includes a glass floor and a viewing tube.

The penguin care area will house quarantine and egg incubation rooms and will be the most technologically advanced space at the ABQ BioPark.

For more information, visit the BioPark Society’s website.

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