Firebellz and “unconventional” training

While the Russian kettlebell is foundational to Firebellz, it’s not the only tool in their arsenal of calorie-shredding workouts.  Co-owner Charles Bustos shows Chad a variety of exercises that promote better movement with unconventional equipment to a gym: lumber, kegs and “warrior balls” -a creation Bustos stumbled upon by accident.

Better movement is always the key to Firebellz training.  Their strict adherence to form, weight management and group training yields results for all participants, all ages.  American soldiers, law enforcement, firefighters, and special agents have embraced the long-held secret of the Russian military. The Russian Kettlebell.

This one single tool has impacted the strength and conditioning levels of practitioners so profoundly it is often regarded as the single most effective tool for making massive changes in strength, conditioning, and physiques. The FIREBELLZ mission is to provide a challenging, fun, safe and positive training experience. Firebellz trainers provide the highest standard of instruction to achieve maximum performance and results -enabling success through the education of mind and body.

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