Visiting Local Coffee Shops It’s a beloved staple to most people’s Mondays. People swear they live off of it and can’t start their days without it.

Local coffee shops have started to pop up more and more these days, creating the perfect atmosphere for hanging out with friends, having your next business meeting, and unleashing your inner creativity.

There are three different types of coffee places to look out for; coffee bars, cafes, and coffee shops. How do you find which one is the best one for you?

Coffee bars – just coffee: Straight up, brewed and prepared coffee for your morning, afternoon, or evening enjoyment. No mas.

Cafes – Joe with a treat: Cafe’s are a great place to meet for business or a friendly chat. Along with freshly brewed coffee, get a little something on the side.

Coffee shops – Joew with a solid bite: coffee shops not only brew you a delicious cup of coffee but offer a menu to create a full meal.

Samantha and I went out around the town and highlighted four great local coffee shops; Zendo Coffee, Remedy Coffee, Prismatic Coffee, and Blackbird Coffee.

And see an expanded list of other coffee shops, cafe’s and bars here.