Firebellz offers remarkable body transformation

Firebellz can offer remarkable body transformation to those who stick to the training process.

Lisa Garcia has been training at Firebellz for a few years now. She is a prime example of what is possible when you trust the process. Garcia has participated in the Firebellz Body Transformation Contest, True Strength and does personal training with Charles Bustos. Even her kids have trained at Firebellz in preparation for the annual KB competition.

Firebellz uses Russian Kettlebell training to help strengthen, transformation and shred calories. It’s a workout that includes cardio and strengthening in one.

The Firebellz mission is to provide a challenging, fun, safe and positive training experience for their clients. Their trainers also provide the highest standard of instruction to achieve maximum performance and results, enabling success through the education of mind and body.

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