LaVonBlu has new Valentine’s Day products

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, this would be a great day to pick up some products ranging from bath truffles, and lotion bars or candles and essential oils, LaVonBlu has it all.

Owners Jordan Gateley and Sharon Gateley appeared on New Mexico Living to show viewers new Valentine’s products, its line of candles, fizzies, and essential oils. The new scents are sandalwood cold processed soap, rose quarts cold process soap, lavender chamomile cold process soap and dragon’s blood cold process soap.

LaVonBlu, luxury bath and body products was created by the mother and son duo, Sharon and Jordan Gateley. LaVonBlu strives to provide 100 percent natural beauty products that will work and feel better than the conventional creams and cleansers that are available today.

LaVonBlu used 100 percent organic essential oils and butters, no sulfates, no fillers, with natural preservatives to prevent bacterial production.

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