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Eldora Chocolate’s ‘Bean to Bar’ gets the thumbs up

Eldora Chocolate’s “Bean to Bar” craft chocolate is really getting noticed, much like the craft brewery business in New Mexico.

Eldora’s Bean to Bar is filling the wide flavor gap that big industrialized chocolate can’t deliver on. Many consumers have become disenchanted with big industrialized chocolate. Fortunately, the Bean to Bar movement is filling that flavor and taste gap.

Eldora Chocolate is Albuquerque’s only Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate Shop. They make chocolate using the harvested Cocoa bean. Like wine, each bean is unique. Eldora Chocolate tease’s out the beans many flavors so their customers can enjoy them. They also only use organic, natural, and fair trade ingredients in everything they make.

Eldora Chocolate is located at VSA North Fourth Art Center, 4904 Fourth Street NW, Albuquerque, 87107.

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