New Mexico Natural History Museum hosts brain lecture series

Following the monumental success of “Da Vinci: The Genius”, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is hosting a duo of touring exhibitions delving further into the workings of the mind.

“Brain: The Inside Story” and “Drugs: Costs & Consequences” offer an interlacing look at the body’s central computer and outer influences that can alter its function.

As part of the exhibitions, the museum will be hosting a series of lectures and “curator’s coffee” sessions: an intimate discussion with leading researchers in the field of neuroscience.

Featured events include “Your Brain After a Concussion”, “The Symphony of Sleep: Sleep and the Brain”, “Tsunamis in the Brain” and “Alcohol, Genes, and the Brain: The Latest Science Dispelling Myths”. Guests can also participate in a discussion about the dental condition of “meth mouth” in the startling lecture, “Meth-A-Morphosis”.

Tickets to these lectures can be purchased directly online at