‘Bad Ass Coffee’ opening location in downtown Albuquerque

Bad Ass Coffee wants everyone to enjoy its 100-percent Kona coffee products, awesome breakfast and lunch burritos. They also have cool merchandise available for purchase.

Bad Ass Coffee has one location in Bernalillo and now will have another in downtown Albuquerque. The coffee shop will have a grand opening for the downtown location on February 18. They are located in the old Simms Building by Red Door Brewing (4th & Gold).

Bad Ass Coffee carries the following coffee beans: Hawaiian Kona, Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian.

They also have the following roasts:

  • Swiss Water Decaf: Known as the “afternoon cup” or “sleeper.” It is a flavorful brew for those who enjoy the flavor of coffee but not the effect of caffeine. The Swiss water process removes 97 percent of the caffeine from the whole bean.
  • Volcanic Roast: This roast is Bad Ass Coffee’s darkest, smokiest brew.
  • French Roast: Coffee roasted to a full, rich, dark state. Beans roasted to a French roast are very oily and dark beans. The French Roast tastes stronger even though it has less acid and less caffeine than a lighter roasted bean.
  • Full City Roast: This roast has a richer flavor and less caffeine than the American Roast.
  • American Roast: The least roasted of the coffees, resulting in a mildly rich flavor with a maximum amount of caffeine left in the bean.

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