Feature film ‘Monday’ premieres on El Rey network

A feature film was made with no crew, for just $7,000, and in 14 days. It’s the challenge laid down to five filmmakers by critically acclaimed director, Robert Rodriguez, in his El Rey network series, “Rebel Without A Crew.”

One of the featured filmmakers is Albuquerque’s own Alejandro Montoya Marin, whose film “Monday” will be receiving its network premiere Monday, February 18.

Montoya Marin, along with actor and producing partner Kenneth McGlothin, sat down with Chad to discuss the arduous process of making a feature-length film with such mind-boggling constraints. The filmmakers, who received critical praise for the film on, are launching pre-production on their next project, “Millennium Bugs.”

They are in the midst of a crowd-funding campaign, with more than 50 percent of their goals met. You can contribute to the campaign by going to MILLENNIUM BUGS Film, then learn more about local filmmaker, Montoya Marin.