‘Multiple Visions’ prepares for touring exhibition at MOIFA

Alexander Girard is regarded as one of the most important textile designers of the 20th Century.  He’s also one of the Museum of International Folk Art’s most prolific benefactors, gifting tens of thousands of pieces to the museum in 1978.

That gift was curated into the permanent exhibition, “Multiple Visions: A Common Bond”, which opened in 1982.  Nestled in the affectionately-known “Girard wing”, “Multiple Visions” features a lifetime of collecting between Girard and his wife, Susan.  They began collecting in 1939 and spent decades traveling the world, collecting folk art with humor, sentiment, and beauty.

Nearly 100,000 objects were gifted, with 10,000 finding a place in the permanent display.  They are grouped by nationality, by thematic relation, and by theatricality.  Girard himself directed the tableaus, which have been painstakingly preserved throughout the years.

In May, the Museum will welcome a touring exhibition about Girard from the Vitro Design Museum in Germany.  It will function as a companion piece in the discussion of a visionary, a humanitarian and a lover of the world of Folk Art.

For additional information on the exhibit, “Multiple Visions: A Common Bond” at the Museum of International Folk Arts’s website.