Dietitian and nutritionist Shelley Rael offers advice on healthy eating

March is National Nutrition Month, but this good nutrition is something we should consider every day. Healthful eating doesn’t have to be hard. Healthy eating is not an all or nothing approach.

Shelley Rael, registered dietitian and nutritionist appeared on New Mexico Living in conjunction with Eat, Live, Be Well Nutrition.

She says a single meal or day isn’t what affects our health in the long-term, but the consistency of making those choices. Rael goes on by saying to make health the priority. Set a wellness goal rather than a weight goal. What are the things you will add to your day? Add a serving of vegetables, add 10 minutes to your physical activity, add some more time to enjoy your meal.

Make informed choices. Rather than follow a diet trend, learn what is right for you and your needs. Everyone is different so what may be right for someone else may not be right for you.

Find free webinars and resources on Shelley Rael’s official website. 

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