Millers improves homes through insulation, windows and doors

Since 1985 Millers, a second generation company in Albuquerque has been improving homes and businesses through insulation, windows and doors. It has an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a Qwens-Corning certified energy expert.

Jeannine Miller, Vice President, Co-owner, stopped by and discussed ways to add comfort to your home during those cold and hot periods of the year. One thing Jeannine Miller suggests is to pay attention to your heater or air conditioner. Is it turning on and off throughout the day in a short amount of time? This means you might have a leak.

Air movement through these openings affects your ability to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, even if it’s closed up tight. The movement of air through any available leak can’t be avoided thanks to a phenomenon of physics.

  • In the cool winter, warm indoor air moves upward and out through even the smallest gaps in your ceilings and attic. This then draws cooler outdoor air in through any leak sources. This can include around the foundation, exterior penetrations, windows, and doors.
  • In the summer when it’s hot outside, this process happens in reverse.

If you want to air seal your attic effectively, the key is to make sure it’s done properly. The first step is having the attic thoroughly checked to locate leak sources.

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