Unique rehabilitation offered at ‘The Recovery House’

Many people treated for substance abuse are finding and making a new life with a fresh start.

That’s because of the unique rehabilitation offered at “The Recovery House” that uses culinary art therapy, yoga and self-defense.

“The Recovery House” is a 30-day inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility offering detox, group and individual therapy, 12 step program.

It is dedicated to training life skills to help patients acclimate and transition into life after completing the program. The staff is also highly trained and specialized in substance abuse treatment.

The Recovery House is committed to achieving results and pushing the boundaries. They are caring and compassionate professionals who constantly develop new strategies. Their goal is to lead the fight against the ever-changing face of the drug and alcohol epidemic.


  • Alcohol Treatment and Detox
  • Drug Treatment and Detox
  • Inpatient Residential Rehab
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Self-Defense Training
  • Gardening/Horticulture Therapy
  • 12-Stop Program
  • Unique 3-Pillar Concept
  • Culinary Art Therapy

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