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‘The Trap’ documentary highlights the destructive effects of methamphetamine use

“Teens and Meth: The Trap” is a documentary designed to present the frightening realities of methamphetamine use.

Documentary producer Babajide Orisabiyo and actor Braden Anderson visited the set of New Mexico living to discuss the project and how they hope it will positively impact those who view it.

“The Trap” focuses on the analysis of top health professionals who discuss the impact of meth use and how the drug causes the deterioration of the human body. Orisabiyo hopes that in spreading awareness of the longtime and destructive effects of the drug youth will take steps toward a drug-free future.

Orisabiyo hopes to distribute 100,000 copies of the film free of charge to schools, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. A GoFundMe has been created for the project to help aid with the costs of production and to help distribute the documentary.

Learn more about Teens and Meth

View the GoFundMe page for “Teens and Meth: The Trap”.

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