The Wheels Museum to hold event at Balloon Fiesta Park

Help preserve and upgrade the Wheels Museum with a Family Friendly event May 5 at Balloon Fiesta Park. The auto parts swap meet will also feature food trucks and fun for the whole family. The fundraiser will help fund repairs to the building, provide educational programs, and preserve history and culture.

Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta Park is a well-suited venue for the event and the museum’s reserved space will accommodate up to 400 vendors. In future years, additional space for vendors is available. The Wheels Museum has raised the majority of its operating funds with an annual fundraising event and is excited to explore this new opportunity.

The Wheels Museum was founded in 1999 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to assure that the historic, iconic steam locomotive site in downtown alb was saved. After several attempts, the city purchased the27-acre property in 2007. The site has about a million square feet of potential space. The wheels museum is located in the storehouse/ freight building that is 21,000 sq ft and has lots of full size vehicles including a real train that moves people around some exhibits, antique autos, a fire truck, milk wagon, antique buggies and wagons. It also has all scales of model trains which are run by volunteers and  many model cars.

“Wheels” is an acronym which stands for “We Have Everything Everyone Loves Spinning” and the museum is about the progress of society through moving. The Wheels Museum is located at 1100 Second Street SW on the south end of the railyards. It is available for visitors, tours, presentations, groups, and classes.

For more information can be found at The Wheels Museum website.

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