The S’More Pit a vendor at Southwest Coffee & Chocolate Festival

The co-owners of The S’More Pit talked about their sweet treats and what to expect at the Southwest Coffee & Chocolate Festival.

The business just started shipping nationwide which is very exciting. All flavors of marshmallows or s’more packages can be ordered by going to The S’More Pit online.

Co-Owners Sarah Petersen and Heather Vaughan started The S’More Pit because of their love of the community feel a fire creates, encouraging strangers to talk to one another and stare for long hours into something other than a screen.

Let’s be honest, S’mores had to be redone in a healthier manner. The S’More Pit uses handmade, organic ingredients to create s’mores. This means they use Honey instead of corn syrup and that there are no preservatives in their marshmallows. Their ‘Graham” is similarly delicious and gluten-free with organic ingredients and sweetened only with sustainably sourced maple syrup. We are obviously very proud of our product and the ingredients we use.

The S’More Pit will be at the Southwest Coffee and Chocolate Festival which is March 16 to March 17 at EXPO New Mexico.

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