Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest features ‘Ripples’

Ripples is a revolutionary content marketing platform that offers the hospitality, food & beverages industries creative solutions to increase customer engagement.  It’ll be part of the Chocolate and Coffee Fest.

With the Ripple Maker, businesses serving foam-topped drinks create personal interactions with their customers by surprising them with messages and images that are printed directly onto their drinks. Images can be customized and branded and can be updated daily to support ongoing promotional activities, leading to positive real-time interactions, location-based social media shares, and long-term brand awareness and loyalty. The Ripple Maker includes a constantly updated content library, and businesses can add their own exclusive original content.

Ripples will be a vendor at the 2019 Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest that attracts 19,000 people. The fest is from March 16 to 17 at EXPO New Mexico.

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