‘Straight Up Pizza’ is known for its specialty Pizza

Some homegrown New Mexicans who are Duke City residents are proud of their 10-year-old pizza business called “Straight up Pizza.”

The pizza joint is locally-owned and a family operated pizzeria in the northeast heights of Albuquerque. It is run by Randy O’Canna and his identical twin brother Travis, as well as their father Gary O’Canna. The twins were born and raised in Albuquerque and started the business 10 years ago.

They are known for their specialty pizzas, the most popular being the Devil Dog and our Chupacabra. They also offer three distinct pizza sauces: original marinara, spicy marinara, and a garlic and olive oil white sauce.

Travis O’Canna is an infantry marine veteran and Gary O’Canna is an Air Force veteran. So, “Straight Up Pizza” offer a military discount and pride themselves on supporting all of our military service men and women. Aside from pizzas, they offer calzones, chicken wings, salads, home-made cannoli, etc.

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