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Dr. Stevie Springer shares diet tips for migraine prevention

Migraines can make life hell for those that suffer from them.  From nausea and blurred vision to crippling pain, the attacks can stop sufferers dead in their tracks.

Wise and Well’s Dr. Stevie Springer stops by the studio with some dietary tips on alleviating the pain with nutrition. According to Dr. Springer, those prone to migraines should avoid aged cheese and meats, alcohol, preservatives and MSG, as well as diet sodas.

In their place, he recommends orange, green and yellow vegetables, plenty of water, and non-processed fresh meats, poultry and fish. In addition to the diet, Springer recommends being vigilant to the signs your body might present: tightening and pressure in the face, dizziness, as well as headache pain across the front or side of the head.

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