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Enchantment Awards highlight artistry and commitment to performing arts education

Tomorrow’s Broadway stars are being celebrated now with the Enchantment Awards, however, theater education in high school isn’t just about performing. It also gives students a practical application of skills they learn in other classes as well.

Theatre education helps students succeed in high school and applies the lessons from other subjects in a practical way. Everyone working on a show will work with the history and culture of the specific period or periods of the play.

In addition, everyone works in committees on a large project with a set, often very tight, budget and a very strict deadline. The success or failure of that project will be out in public for everyone to see.

The Enchantment Awards recognize individual artistry in performance and honor teachers and their schools’ commitment to performing arts education. The program presents talented young high school performers with a unique opportunity to advance their education and careers in musical theatre, all while supporting the inclusion of musical theatre performance in our state’s high schools.

Tickets for the Awards are on sale. The show takes place on May 4 at Popejoy Hall.

View the Enchantment Awards for additional information.


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