Author Marc Romanelli debuts ‘Imagination Warriors’ YA novel

Marc Romanelli has made a successful career for himself as a professional photographer and cinematographer.  Yet, his artistic calling has brought him out from behind the lens and on to the page.

His debut young adult novel, “The Imagination Warriors” tells the story of a feisty and independent nine-year-old girl named Philomena.  With the assistance of a psychic tabby cat, they set off on an adventure through time and space to worlds powered solely by imagination.

Romanelli, a resident of Lamy, says the book is also deeply rooted in the town in which he calls home. Pulling from local destinations, as well as inspiration from his real-life daughter Philomena, “The Imagination Warriors” is as much about distant lands as it is about our own backyards.

Romanelli says there are a number of ways to get his book.  However, if you order through his website, you can get your hands on an autographed copy.

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