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Stage director Doug Montoya set to direct first feature film

Stage director and founder of the Cardboard Playhouse Doug Montoya is preparing to expand his creative horizons. He has written his first feature-length screenplay, which will be taken to production this summer in Albuquerque.
The film is called “The Third Act”, and as executive producer Keith Allen West says, it’s a love story for the theater. Roll in a bank heist, a fish-out-of-water love story and the architecture of an ensemble comedy and you have the formula for a wild cinematic ride.
But they need your help.
Currently, production is looking for financial backers who are willing to sign on as a donor, or investor in the film. They have a modest budget of $30,000 they’re aiming for, with the goal to pay all crew and talent.
Contributions and further information can be found online at

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