Chatterbox helps your child find their voice

Unfortunately, New Mexico is seeing a decrease in educational performance statewide with speech and language delays on the rise. Chatterbox is looking to change that. As a speech and language therapy clinic, they serve people of all ages and strive to give everyone they work with the proper foundations to succeed in life.

One of their new resource platforms is doing just that by teaching families how to get back to the basics in the modern world. Chatterbox is developing courses, play programs, a podcast and apps. Their programs teach families how to make simple tweaks in their everyday life and routines that can have a profound effect on a child’s development. Chatterbox wants to put the tools, strategies and power to make a change in families hands.

Chatterbox has also created holistic, play-based and imaginative educational programs designed to make sure the children of New Mexico have the proper foundations to succeed in life. They offer individual sessions as well as group sessions, summer camps, and a music class called MusicBox.

Chatterbox’s app will be released in June and their MusicBox summer series will take place the second, third and fourth Fridays in June and July.


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