New Mexico Museum of Art explores ‘The Great Unknown’

Miles north of the Grand Canyon lies the lesser-known yet equally brilliant naturally-formed Glen Canyon. Carved by the Colorado River, the destination located in southern Utah has inspired artists and writers for centuries. As road-trip season returns, the New Mexico Museum of Art is taking a trip through the canyon and Lake Powell with their exhibition, “The Great Unknown: Artists at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell.”

The story of Glen Canyon is complex. As exhibition curator Kate Ware says, it’s been the muse for such artists as Georgia O’Keeffe, Eliot Porter, Byron Wolfe, Tad Nichols and Mark Klett. The Great Unknown tells the story of ancient artists through modern creators, as well as exploring the controversial development of the Glen Canyon Dam in the 1960s, which paved the way for the development of Lake Powell.

The show runs now through September 15 at the New Mexico Museum of Art, located just off the Plaza in Santa Fe.