Thania Keppel Coaching LLC helps woman face their fears

We all have dreams and aspirations in life. However, achieving those dreams can be easier said than done. It happens to many of us and often fear or doubt that creeps into our minds can throw a wrench into the life we want to live.

Thania Keppel Coaching LLC can help women make major decisions without fear in their personal and professional lives. Thania Keppel Coaching LLC is launching an online home study program called “30 Days to The Best Version of Yourself” as well as an experiential workshop happening around Mother’s Day. Experiential workshop “BeYOUtiful & Powerful” starts May 18 and continues to May 19) in Santa Fe.

One-on-one coaching sessions, so they can attract, achieve and experience the life that they dreamed of but never before dared to think that was possible!

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