NMSU BernCo Cooperative shares benefits of plant-based diets

In an age of rampant obesity and disease, millions of Americans are turning their dietary attentions to more plant-based sources.  The NMSU Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension continues in their efforts to make a healthier New Mexican population by sharing information on going “green” in your diet.

Dianne Christensen is joined by UNM nutrition student Bobby Flores to talk about how to incorporate more vegetables into your daily meal plans.  Christensen created an easy-to-make hummus dish with various veggies, a combination that packs in valuable nutrients and protein.

The key to a healthy plant-based food plan is combination.  For example, mixing various beans and grains, you create a whole protein.  New Mexicans have been doing this for generations in the form of beans and rice.  It creates a filling, healthy and delicious diet.

The organization hosts ongoing classes with a variety of topics for single-serve diners or entire families.  More information and class schedules can be found at their website.

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