GAAR host spring Grande Open House event

If you’re looking for a new home, this is your weekend!  The Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors (GAAR) is hosting its bi-annual Grande Open House, and you’re invited.  Nearly 600 properties will be participating in the two-day event, varying from starter homes all the way to luxury properties.

While the idea of perusing hundreds of properties might seem daunting, GAAR has made it easier than ever to find the needle in the haystack.  The interactive website, NewMexicoHomeSearch, can link buyers to listings, photos, property information and more.  In addition, they can link properties directly to realtors, making the shopping experience that much easier for eager homebuyers.

The Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors strive for excellent customer experiences for their members as well as clients.  Upholding the highest of standards of practice and business ethics, they ensure a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.

The open house will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 27th and 28th throughout the metro area. Visit GAAR to get further details of this weekends event.