Jondi Whitis discusses how ‘tapping’ can help relieve stress

Holistic health is commonly called “tapping” and Jondi Whitis is a master trainer in it. He says it’s so easy, you can teach it to a child. Jondi also calls this “The People’s Toolbox,” for its ability to help people feel better fast, easily and every day.

Whether “tapping” is used for simple stress relief or for more complex recovery from accident, traumatic stress events, adverse childhood events or limiting belief systems, it’s a modern way to re-empower our own self-care. It also offer peer-to-peer and therapeutic solutions that are rapid, holistic, drug-free.

“Tapping” is the name given to a collection of tools that combine Eastern health concepts of Acupuncture, balance and meridian energy flow with Mindfulness and Western principles derived from NLP and Psychology; taken together they appear at first as an elegantly simple algorithm anyone can use. On a more skilled level, deeper therapeutic use is possible and has impressive results.

Whitis will be holding an open to the public introduction to “tapping” in Old Town Farm & Bike in Coffee, located at 949 Montoya St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104 on May 5.

Based in NYC, Jondi Whitis trains a wide variety of people in these effective solutions for modern day living. She loves to travel, sharing the good news with all who are interested in better solutions for these times of heightened emotion and uncertainty. She especially enjoys working with Veterans, children and those who directly affect the public, such as social workers, school teachers and health/mental welfare professionals.

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