Carrie Tingley Foundation to host its MUDD Volleyball Tournament

More than 7000 people will get muddy to raise funds to support the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. It is back hosting the annual MUDD Volleyball Tournament for the 25th year. The mission of the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation is to enhance the lives of patients, children with physical disabilities and their families across New Mexico.

This tournament has raised more than $9 million for the kids of Carrie Tingley Hospital, special needs children and their families throughout New Mexico. CTHF is committed to a vision in which children with physical disabilities are empowered and it continues to work toward building a community where every kid can reach the stars.

Here are the dates of events: Jr. Mudd Volleyball Tournament is Friday, May 31, and the
Mudd Volleyball Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 1.

Go to The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation for more information.