Brain education benefits New Mexico children

With more than 100 centers nationwide, ‘Body and Brain’ is the nation’s leader in health, wellness, and integrative lifestyle education. Brain education is very important, especially for children. Body & Brain Yoga utilizes Brain Education, a modernized system of holistic healing and mind-body practices based on ancient Korean training techniques. Our centers offer integrative classes and programs focusing on yoga, tai-chi, meditation, martial arts, and energy healing for all levels.

The New Mexico Brain Education Project was established to specifically train teachers and students in the principles and practices of Brain Education (BE). BE is an exciting, fun and challenging mix of Physical, Emotional and Cognitive exercise. It integrates all the layers of a child’s well being; their physical well being, their cognitive well being, their confidence, self-efficacy, their ability to do just about anything. BE is practiced by tens of thousands of people throughout the world. This program is in more than 400 New York City public schools.

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