Author David Crow to donate money made on book sales to homeless shelter

The author of a gripping memoir is out with his story of a tumultuous childhood. It’s David Crow’s “The Pale Faced Lie”. All during his childhood life, David believed he was Native American. It wasn’t until he was an adult he learned otherwise.

The story is one that explores identity and growing up with a violent father who served jail time for attempted murders (according to Crow, he actually murdered several people). According to the author, Crow’s father also tried to kill his mother, an emotionally fragile woman who was ill-equipped to care for her four children.

Crow is donating a percentage of the proceeds from his book to the Barrett House Shelter in Albuquerque, a state-of-the-art emergency shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness and looking to better their lives.

Go to David Crow, author for more information.

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