Road trip food doesn’t have to be unhealthy

With kids on summer break, many people are planning to take that summer vacation. But, as many know, staying healthy while on vacation can be a juggling act. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the trip while staying healthy at the same time. Registered Nutritionist Sara Robbins from Dairy MAX says there are many road trip meals that don’t have to be boring.

Robbins suggest during your packing mode, include a snack and meal list. Before vacationers leave, take along some sandwich items. Also, bring apples, dried fruit, cheese and crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt, veggies like carrots. She also suggests homemade fried eggs and cheese burritos, and by all means, avoid sugary sodas.

When packing health foods for the trip, it’s also important to keep in mind to stay active, take walks. Go to Dairy MAX for information.



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