Travel guide for upcoming ‘Pet-cation’

People looking to take a “pet-cation” this summer are grabbing the “On The Road with Jack and Jill” pet travel guide. It’s a new, non-traditional travel guide that is a “must have” for pet owners in New Mexico looking to give their furry friend that perfect “pet-cation.”

It provides helpful tips, destination information, and even an extra section for your own journaling. This latest book to hit the market this June is co-written by New Mexico’s travel writer duo, Travelin’ Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter, and his person, Jill Lane, this unique book shares their insights into pet-friendly New Mexico.

The book is divided up into 3 sections 1) Pre-trip planning tips to guide you on that perfect vacation for everyone. 2) Travel Guide section for both people and pet-friendly New Mexico destinations. 3) A blank journal to record your pet-cation.

Go to On The Road with Jack and Jill a Pet Travel Guide for more information.