Proposed Bernalillo County ordinance may limit small businesses

Bernalillo County Commissioners have proposed a sick leave ordinance that would require employers to grant at least one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked to all employees. It also includes part-time and temporary workers. However, not everybody is okay with the bill getting passed.

According to Paul Gessing, Carla Kugler and Ernie C’Debaca the ordinance will change the way small businesses will be run. The group also says it limits the flexibility that small businesses have.

Carla Kugler, president and CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors New Mexico, nobody wants to be against sick leave. “The problem is it’s a one-size fits all ordinance that every business must enact the same way,” said Kugler. ” Businesses are diverse, they are different, they don’t have the same business models. To tell a small motorcycle shop in the South Valley that they have to have the same business practices as Target is not realistic.”

For more information, visit the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce website.

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