Study: More people skipping lunch breaks at work

According the national survey, many people in today’s workforce feel more pressure not to take a lunch break especially Millennials. The survey was conducted by Tork, the maker of more than half the napkins used in restaurants in the U.S. It says not taking a proper lunch break adversely impacts their productivity, engagement and overall job satisfaction.

This means Americans are spending less time now than they did a decade earlier. According to the Tork survey, taking a lunch break allows employees a mental break, which will make them feel more refreshed and productive.

Health and Nutrition Expert Joy Bauer says many people feel negatively judged if they take a lunch break. She adds, they feel their bosses or colleagues are going to consider them “less than hard workers”. Bauer says taking that bread actually rejuvenates workers, which is good for productivity.

She Hopes people will observe the National “Take back the Lunch Break Day” on June 21st and mark it down on the calendar. She suggests snapping a photo of their food on their lunch break and share it on social media, encouraging friends and co-workers to do the same. #takebacklunch

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