Love ABQ volunteers to beautify the city

It is Love Week in Albuquerque, where thousands of Love ABQ volunteers come together to complete all sorts of community service projects.

Its goal is to mobilize more than 2,000 Love ABQ volunteers to serve the city of Albuquerque during Love Week, providing up to 8,000 hours of community service for projects identified by our city leaders as top priorities.

By providing that kind of voluntary community service, Albuquerque will save more than $100,000 in wages, taxes, and benefits the city would otherwise have to pay to complete these priority projects.

Love ABQ volunteers will serve in two- to four-hour increments during Love Week by cleaning up city parks, painting over graffiti, beautifying public schools and spaces, and more. One week of service can transform the city of Albuquerque. Go to Love Week/Freedom Celebration for more information.