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Have you test driven your dream car yet?

Are you a car fanatic? Do you consider yourself an expert on cars? What about the novices? What do you look for in a car? On this week’s Guide to Living Local, Sara Rose and Chad Brummett went to Rich Ford of Albuquerque to test drive some of the latest models of cars to offer.

At Rich Ford, they’ve made it their mission to make sure every one of their customers receives the care and assistance they deserve when looking to buy a new vehicle. They want to help you find the perfect vehicle for the perfect price, and they understand that it’s hard to settle for anything else when you’ve found exactly what you want. From sales and financing to maintenance and parts, you can turn to their team of professionals to provide you with the dedicated care you need.

Finding that special vehicle won’t be an issue at Rich Ford. Their enormous showroom is 25,000 square feet, displaying tons of cars and trucks to choose from. With access to an inventory of 13 million new vehicles and 3 million used cars, there will never be a reason to buy anywhere else. And if that wasn’t enough, know that their 175 highly trained employees will know the answers to all of your questions, and put in the work it takes to find the exact vehicle you are looking for. Come see for yourself at Rich Ford of Albuquerque, located on Lomas Blvd!

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