Ron Bell Injury Lawyers help people suffering from auto accidents

Independence Day is just a few days away which means a lot of people will be out celebrating the holiday. There is no situation where you should drive and drive. There are many options available for people that will keep you and everyone on the road safe.

Ron Bell’s New Mexico personal injury lawyers practice personal injury law. They primarily focus on injuries suffered from auto accidents.

One of the biggest issues with a car accident in Albuquerque is usually “who pays for the damages.” If the accident was minor, drivers may handle damages among themselves without involving insurance companies, police, or personal injury lawyers. However, this isn’t the best idea, for several reasons. While the responsible driver may agree to pay for damages on the day of the accident, they may see the repair bills and decide it’s too high.

Often times people don’t realize how expensive it can be to repair an automobile after an auto accident. The best advice is to not wait, always report your auto accidents to your insurance company within 24 hours.

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