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We’re BUG-ging out at the Botanic Gardens

Need something to do during the summer break? The Albuquerque Biopark Botanical Gardens is a great place to go, and our own Guide to Living Local went to explore the gardens and checked out the BUGarium exhibit. Explore more than 1.5 miles of paths through formal and whimsical gardens designed to delight your senses. Exhibits include Mediterranean and Desert Conservatories, 1920’s farm, Japanese and formal gardens.

The BUGarium is now open every day from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. The exhibit engrosses you in the fascinating lives of arthropods. The complex features naturalistic habitats designed to reveal the unseen wonders of “bugs” from around the world. Located near the Butterfly Pavilion and Dragonfly Sanctuary Pond.

The BioPark hs been raising and collecting insects for the BUGarium in the Anthropoid Rearing Lab, which is not on exhibit, since 2006. The 3,500-square-foot building features different insects and other anthropoid species from around the world, including Malaysian walking sticks giant bird-eating tarantulas, and southwest velvet ants. Some exciting exhibits include:

  • A working beehive
  • A tropical tree home to leaf cutter ants
  • Aquatic insects that seem to connect to the outside dragonfly sanctuary pond
  • A nocturnal exhibit allowing viewing under infra-red light of tarantulas, giant katydids, and African scorpions
  • A cluster of individual bubbles housing the social communities of naked mole rats.

The BUGarium is included with general Botanic Garden admission.

Quiz: Can you identify these bugs in our state?

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