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Chilling at the Penguin Chill

The penguins are finally in Albuquerque! The long-anticipated Penguin Chill will finally be open to the public on July 23, 2019. While everyone is excited to see what to expect in the new exhibit, our own Guide to Living Local went out and gave us a sneak peek of the brand new exhibit.

The 14,550 square-foot building includes a 75,589-gallon main tank, above-ground and underwater guest viewing areas, a large interactive educational area and an outdoor deck overlooking the Zoo’s main park.

Major features include:

  • A themed main viewing deck will offer a panoramic view to visitors. Standing and seated areas provide visitors with comfortable viewing opportunities.
  • The main pool with depths varying from 5-15 feet allows for plenty of space for penguin activity including special public feedings with keepers, swimming and enrichment.
  • A glass floor area allows guests to see penguins swimming beneath their feet.
  • A fully immersive experience including opportunities to watch underwater behaviors and even step inside a curved glass area with water above and to the sides.
  • The largest interactive educational area of any ABQ BioPark Zoo habitat invites guests to learn more about penguins and how they can help with conservation efforts.
  • Natural day/night and seasonal lighting cycles help regulate the penguins’ hormonal balancing and breeding.
  • An outdoor raised deck provides an overlook to the Zoo’s Central ParQ and feature restrooms and a themed café.
  • A live replication of the Aurora Australis, also known as the southern lights.

The ABQ BioPark is home to 31 penguins representing three species; king, macaroni, and Gentoo.

Quiz: Identify the penguin!

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