eVOLVStrong helps keep Duke City Gladiators at peak performance

The Duke City Gladiators are back to back champions. For two years running, the Duke City Gladiators has taken home the CIF trophy for indoor football. To keep the team at peak performance, they need an effective regiment when it comes to training. That’s where eVOLVStrong comes into play.

Curt “C.J.” Chavez started the gym six years ago. He also started helping the Duke City Gladiators last year after the coach asked him to help with the regiment that they build for the preseason. Chavez said they take the players through three weeks of morning, noon and night workouts that include yoga in the evening.

eVOLVStrong provides a place where members can better themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

At eVOLVStrong, the trainers and staff are committed to providing a unique and results-oriented experience for every member. Through a wide variety of challenging classes, special programs and personal training, eVOLVStrong offers its’ members something no other gyms have managed to master- a feeling of belonging to a special community.

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